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Revenue Solutions Working Group Sample Letter Language
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“Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition Letter”

Dear xxxxx

Your constituents recognize the vital and ongoing work of nonprofit organizations in delivering essential services, enhancing quality of life for all Delawareans, and uplifting the spirit of faith, innovation, and inspiration in local communities across the state.  The incredible diversity of nonprofits touch and benefit Delawareans virtually every day of their lives, truly from birth to death. 

The public depends on the charitable sector to provide a reliable social safety net and deliver a wide range of other services that are vital to the cultural, economic, spiritual, and environmental well-being of our citizenry and communities.  Yet, the unprecedented stresses from the great recession, and governmental reactions to it, threaten the health of the charitable sector and its ability to provide the safety net upon which the public and government rely upon. 

Governments and charitable nonprofits serve the same constituents and same communities.  The two sectors’ shared interests – serving and protecting the public – are inextricably intertwined, albeit from purposefully different roles, perspectives, and approaches.  Decades ago the state of Delaware made a determination to shift the work of serving many of these constituents through nonprofits as they could deliver quality service for less money. 

Governments at all levels, and across the country have been rapidly shifting significant financial burdens onto charitable nonprofits, including reducing funding without reducing the underlying human needs, thereby increasing demands on nonprofits in local communities while also decreasing resources for nonprofits to provide needed services.  Please don’t let it happen in Delaware.

A recent survey to Delaware Nonprofits indicate that any reduction in funding from the State of Delaware either through Grant-in-Aid or through contracts and other grants would have a significant impact on service quality and employment. Some Delaware Nonprofits say that a 5-10% cut will:

·“Cuts will impact about 1 in 10 Delawareans. We employ 100+ individuals with a $4.8 million in payroll (salaries & benefits), providing services to 80,000-100,000 Delawareans annually.”

·"Cause us to close one of our three county facilities.”

·“Layoff two key program staff.”

·“Layoffs and reduction in hours and services to an already fragile community.”

·“Downstate family support & psychological youth care services will have to layoff more employees with this “High-Risk” community.”

Respectfully yours In Unity - Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
United Way of Delaware
University of Delaware
Delaware Community Foundation
Delaware Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
Delaware Grantmakers Association
Association of Fundraising Professionals – Brandywine Chapter

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