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Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Dover)

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Financial Excellence Workshop (Dover)



DANA's Public Policy Agenda
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In 2015, DANA will continue our focus on the following three issues that broadly affect nonprofits in Delaware:


1. Fundraiser Registration (formerly HB 187) – The primary focus of this bill is to prevent for-profit fundraisers from preying on nonprofits (most notably fire departments and police organizations) by charging massive fees that result in the nonprofit only receiving a small percentage of the funds raised. Currently, Delaware is one of only six states that do not require registration.

DANA supports passage of legislation that requires fundraiser registration, but that does so with minimal negative impact to nonprofits, and that does not inadvertently limit lawful activity of board members, nonprofit executive directors, and development staff.


2. Workers Compensation Insurance Reform – In the fall of 2012 and 2013, the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau recommended to the Insurance Commissioner that Workers Compensation Insurance rates be increased by nearly 50%. DANA gave testimony, along with 30 other organizations from the nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors at a public hearing for the Insurance Commission. The Insurance Commissioner made a final determination based on the hearing judge’s recommendation to hold the increase to 14%. While this is better than the original recommendation, it is still believed by all parties that more can be done to reform the system and ensure that the statute is being followed as written. As a result, the Governor created a Task Force to further investigate the issue and to explore reform opportunities. For 2015 these efforts have resulted in a decrease of 10% on Workers Compensation Insurance rates.


DANA supports system-wide reform to ensure proper operation of the system as required by the statute with a goal of keeping future increases as small as possible, as well as safety improvement programs implemented by nonprofits to keep costs down.


3. Taxes and/or Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) in the City of Wilmington – At the City of Wilmington Mayor’s Business Round Table meeting on January 31, and in other public forums since then, Mayor Williams has stated that all sources of revenue will be explored, and all taxes will be examined. The timing and degree of focus on this issue is unknown at this time.


DANA does not support taxes or PILOTs being imposed on nonprofits in the City of Wilmington or anywhere in the State of Delaware.


As always, DANA will continue to represent the nonprofit sector, stay informed on sector-wide public policy matters, and communicate relevant information to member organizations and the sector. This will be done through a variety of forums, including: attending legislative sessions, Joint Finance Committee sessions, Office of Management and Budget sessions, and Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Council. Work on the 2013 Public Policy Agenda will continue and a new 2016 Public Policy Agenda will be developed during 2015 for launch in 2016.

Download a PDF copy of DANA's 2013 Public Policy Agenda here

Additional Public Policy Information:

  • While we do not have the resources to engage on a Federal level at this time, DANA is committed to act as a communication source on these matters for Delaware nonprofits to stay informed.
  • DANA will continue to assess and consider other state and local Public Policy issues as they arise. We will review the issues with our Public Policy Committee, and relay information to our members and the sector as they see fit.